Since they started dancing together Brenno and Eva found what most identifies them a dance full of fresh personality combined with a exquisite musicality.
    Always feeling passion and connection in their embrace they build a dance that represents the love for TANGO without forgetting its traditional roots but reflecting the evolution of the technique in their movemnts.
    İntived to perform and be part of the most importants events and milongas, they are consider one of the well known ‘Tango Salon’ younngest couples nowdays in Buenos Aires.

    ‘Historia del Tango’, regular lessons with Cacho Capato.
    ‘Tango Salon y Tango Escenario’, regular and private lessons with Mario Morales.
    ‘Tecnica de Tango y Musicalidad’ regular and private lessons With Juan Malizia and Manuel Rossi.
    ‘Tango,Milanga y Musicalidad’ regular and private lessons with Horacio Godoy.
    ‘Tango’ private and regular lessons with Corina Herrera.
    ‘Tango’ private lessons with Carlitos Espinoza.
    ‘Tango’ private lessons with Graciela ‘la negra’ Gonzalez.
    ‘Tango Intesivo’ week of regular lessons with Mariano ‘Chicho’ Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda.
    ‘Vals’ regular lessons with Julio Balmaceda and Corina de La Rosa.

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